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Adamson Library

The Adamson Library

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Welcome to all old and new perusers of this homepage for the Augusta (Georgia) Genealogical Society (AGS).

In the following pages we provide information on the types of resources we offer, including our publications. We welcome all historians, genealogists and others seeking family information to visit our library. Our address is 1109 Broad Street, and our telephone number is 706-722- 4073. Attendees of our HOMECOMING meeting are invited to spend time in the library that weekend, whether they are members or not. Otherwise, if folks wish to make more than one visit to the library, we request that they either join the Society or make a small contribution to the Society. We depend on membership fees, sales of publications, and donations to keep this enterprise afloat.

We want you to come here and explore our resources for yourselves. For those who cannot visit us, our various publications, including our monthly “Southern Echoes,” may hold some of the answers you have been looking for. So look at these pages, and see for yourselves if we offer something that may help you.

We also hope that any of you who live near here and are able to do so will volunteer to become Librarians-of-the-Day.

The Augusta Genealogical Society is a nonprofit organization. It was founded in Augusta, Georgia in September 1979, by 84 charter members and now has well over 1500 members in 44 states as well as Puerto Rico, Guam, Singapore, Germany and Ireland. AGS maintains a genealogical library, publishes a newsletter and journal, presents monthly lectures and semi-annual “Footprints” methodology seminars, co-sponsors semi-annual seminars with Augusta State University, and specializes in cemetery surveys. The Society is the proud recipient of four Certificates of Commendation from the American Association for State and Local History. All mail should be directed to P.O. Box 3743, Augusta GA 30914-3743. We are located at 1109 Broad Street, Augusta GA. Our phone number is 706-722-4073.